Trackman Bay Rentals

Tour Proven Technology

Whether you want to practice, play or compete…Trackman provides all of the above!

Ask yourself, how would my game improve if I got to use the same technology I see behind the best golfers in the world? When you are ready to find out, reserve your bay at Edge and let us see what Trackman can do for you. 

In most cases, the reality of practicing at the driving range means you are not receiving enough meaningful feedback to truly make a change in your game. We are also spending a lot of time in a practice environment that is far from what golf actually is. Flat lies, no specific target and no consequences. Ask yourself these questions…

Do I really know how far my golf ball goes in the air?
Do I know my dispersion patterns?
Why does my ball curve to the right?
Do I know where the bottom of my swing arch is?

Whether or not you take lessons at Edge Golf, our in-house professionals  can show you how to utilize the technology so you can Practice to Learn and Prepare to Play. 

Our mission is for you to work smarter, not harder!

If you want to get a quick 18-hole round in, Trackman offers over 140 virtual courses for you to play! If you prefer a fun challenge, Trackman has numerous games including Bullseye, Capture the Flag, Closest to the Pin and Hit It!

Trackman Bay Rental Rates 

Effective November 1st 2023

Trackman Rentals

$45 Per Hour

Everyday Open to Close

Practice Pack : $400 for 10 Non-Peak Rentals (expires after 6 months)

Note: Please account for about 30 minutes per person for 9 holes and about 60 minutes per person for 18 holes