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The mission of golf fitness training at EGP is to improve our clients' golf performance and overall health with a personalized, systematic, and modern approach based on exercise science leaders such as TPI or NSCA. Our training philosophy centers around analyzing the body-swing connection, working with our clients in a personalized approach, and focusing on helping our clients move better, get stronger, and swing faster.


Our golf and fitness coaches work as a team to make sure your work in the gym and on the driving range is all driven by the same objectives. Following the TPI methodology of Body-Swing Connection™, every chosen exercise has your golf swing in mind. Improving your mobility and strength where needed will finally help you improve your physical potential - and understanding your body will give you a chance to create a swing that builds on that potential.

Learn more about the TPI Body-Swing Connection™ in this video!


Everyone's golf swing is unique - because everyone's body is unique. Our coaches know this, and that's why your work with us will start with evaluations assessing your mobility, balance, power, and strength. Once we have the complete picture of your movement capabilities, we will create a personalized training plan. This personalized approach to training programming is the best way to reach your goals effectively while respecting your scheduling or training preferences. No more copying random exercises off social media; our coaches will put together a detailed plan that specifically works best for you!


Everyone wants to hit the golf ball further, and we are here to help you with that ambition through our golf fitness training. There are many paths you can take in the search for more distance. At EGP, our model is called move better - get stronger - swing faster.



For any long hitter, the foundation of speed is moving well: sufficient mobility throughout the body and high command of crucial movement patterns. Once this foundation is built, gaining functional and balanced strength is the next step in preventing injuries and creating the potential for speed. Last, teaching your body to use strength explosively and move fast is the final step to long drives and low scores.


Golf fitness evaluations are your first step to training at EGP. Currently, we offer two different levels of evaluations. The Level 1 Evaluation is the perfect choice for a golfer who has little experience with golf fitness training and wants to start building the foundation of moving better. If your goal is gaining distance and swing speed or you have more training experience, then the Level 2 Evaluation will provide a more complete picture of your power and strength production. The Level 2 Evaluation is included in all three levels of the private coaching programs - so if you decide to enroll in a private coaching program at EGP following the Level 2 Evaluation, the evaluation cost of $300 will be discounted from the training cost.

Level 1 Intro Golf Movement Evaluation: $150 price includes...

  • TPI Level 1 movement screen (detailed assessment of mobility, stability, balance, and coordination needed for the golf swing)
  • Assessment of your golf swing characteristics and how they relate to your movement limitations
  • A detailed PDF report with your Golf Fitness Handicap
  • A personalized daily movement routine focused on improving your movement limitations (delivered via TPI Pro mobile app, including instructional videos)

Level 2 Full Golf Fitness Evaluation: $300 price includes…

  • Everything in the Level 1 Intro Golf Movement Evaluation
  • Assessment of the power and strength production in your body
  • A swing speed measurement on the Trackman (7 iron and driver)
  • Additional PDF report with your TPI Power Score, power balance in the body, and strength/power limitations
  • Recommendations for future training (ideal schedule, focus)
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