What age can my child enroll in the Academy?

A: A child can enroll when they are 6 years old. Following the long-term athletic development model, ages 0-6 are best spent learning fundamental gross motor and movement skills including running, jumping, twisting, kicking, throwing, and catching. Receiving coaching prior to developing coordination skills does not set the child up for long term success with the game.


How many levels are in the Player Pathway (PP)?

A: There are 10 levels on the player pathway


What level should my child be in?

A: Each level is very unique to a child’s developmental stage. Each level includes necessary achievement skills to both play the game and compete at their desired level. It is not a race to the finish! New Player Evaluations are held prior to the start of each new semester. If a child is brand new to the game they will begin in Level 1. Tournament scores will need to be provided to join the Play to Compete or Elite Junior Level.


How does my child progress to the next level?

A: To progress through each level there are five achievements: putting, around the green (chipping, pitching and sand), full swing, knowledge and scoring


What class does my child belong in?

A: Classes in the Academy are based off a player's PP level. Therefore: FUN-Damentals follows levels 1-3; Train to Play follows levels 4-5; Play to Compete follows levels 6-10


How does my child earn a scoring pin?

A: For levels 1-3, scoring pins are earned during Academy training. Once a player reaches level 4, scoring pins must be earned through 9 holes of play through our developmental scoring league or tournament play


What tee should my child be playing from in the Academy?

A: Levels 4 /5 scoring are done from our Academy tees and Levels 6+ are played from age-appropriate tees.
When a player graduates from level 5 they will have all the knowledge and skills to be a golfer for life. If they want to pursue golf and specialize they continue on our Play to Compete program which requires a higher level of commitment.


When should my child switch to private lessons?

A: Private lessons can be a beneficial addition to a child’s Academy training if the PLAYER is committed to improving. Early on in their development, it is more important for the player to have fun and discover a love for the game. This can be done most effectively through group training. If a player is struggling to advance a level because of a skill deficiency in a certain area, a private lesson could be beneficial. As a player’s skill and love for the game increases, more individualized attention is needed as their commitment increases. In our Play to Compete and Elite groups, players have monthly 1 on 1 private sessions built into their training time to assess progress and develop a practice plan for the month. At this level additional bi-weekly or monthly 1 on 1 private sessions can accelerate the learning process if the player is following their prescribed practice plan.

As we on-board new participants we are finding new ways to better identify which level on the player pathway they belong so they can experience some success before reaching their challenge point.

For any additional questions please contact us at JuniorAcademy@PaulMaurerGolf.com