Coaching Team

Paul Maurer, PGA


Paul has been coaching for 12 years, during that time he was inspired with the idea that is now Edge Golf Performance. Through his experience coaching, he envisioned a place where his players could train year-round with the best possible resources available to develop their golf, physical and mental skills. He has been a part of the Howard County golfing community working and coaching at four different facilities. He has had success coaching beginners of all ages as well as high level junior, collegiate and local amateur players. Among PGA Professionals, Paul is specialized in Teaching & Coaching and enjoys helping players establish baselines, set goals and create gameplans to achieve them!

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Jan Jedlicka


Jan is a TPI-certified golf fitness professional and NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist®. He has led golf fitness training programs at Paul Maurer Golf Junior Academy and at Goucher College, where he also served as the Acting and Associate Head Coach. He also advises players on course management and statistical analysis using the DECADE golf strategy system. Originally from the Czech Republic, he developed his passion for golf fitness coaching after a competitive amateur golf career in Europe and playing collegiate golf in the USA. Jan’s coaching philosophy is to teach golfers how to move better, get stronger, and swing faster through TPI assessments, targeted training programs, and attention to perfecting exercise form.

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Damon Lucas, PGA

Damon brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm to Edge. With over 23 years of experience and Director of Instruction roles at five different facilities, Damon has taught every level of golfer from beginners to tour players. He has attended over 100 golf seminars, and has 20+ accreditations from the best golfing minds in the world, including Michael Jacobs, James Ridyard, and Geoff Mangum. He is excited to embrace all of the technologies offered at Edge, and can also guide the less technologically savvy via an old school approach. Damon will provide a complete approach to golf or work with golfers with time or physical constraints to just enjoy the game a little bit more.

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Steven Park

PGA Associate

Steven Park started golf around eighth grade and quickly fell in love with the sport. While that may be later than others, he would practice every day on the golf course and quickly develop the skills needed to make the high school golf team. The past two and a half years, Steven has found his passion in coaching and working with other golfers in skill development and swing mechanics. Steven has passed his Play Ability and Knowledge Test to now become a PGA Associate and begin his journey to become a PGA Professional. Steven is a certified US Kids Coach Level 1 but works with students of all ages and levels and is looking forward to continuing learning and improving as a coach. Steven is also fluent in Korean for those who want a lesson and are more comfortable with the Korean language. Feel free to reach out and connect with Coach Steven and let him know how he can help you with your game today!

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Colby Vaughn

Club Fitter

Colby is a certified golf club fitter with a passion for optimizing players' equipment. Colby's fitting career began at 5iron Golf's sister company, The Fitting Lab, in Washington DC. Armed with certifications from Trackman University and SAM Putt Lab, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Using this wealth of data and experience, Colby will analyze golfers' performance with different club head designs, shaft flexes, lengths, grip sizes, and more variables to identify the ideal combination that maximizes distance, accuracy, and consistency for each golfer's unique swing characteristics. Elevate your play with Colby's meticulous craftsmanship and personalized approach to golf club fitting.

Online booking through U-Schedule will be available soon. In the meantime, reach out to Colby directly to schedule a fitting!

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