Junior Academy


To create the top junior community in the DMV by providing every resource needed for a player to reach their goals, whether it is to play college golf or develop a lifelong love for the game.

The Paul Maurer Golf Junior Academy is the premier junior development program in Howard County.  Using a process-oriented approach, the Academy first develops the athlete, reinforces the fundamentals, develops a competitive golfer and nurtures a love for the game along the way. Parents have the opportunity to learn everything they need to know about developing a junior golfer. For questions and inquiries please contact us at JuniorAcademy@PaulMaurerGolf.com

Level 1 Waitlist


COMMUNITY - of players and coaches with a growth mindset and are goal getting
ACCOUNTABLE - both players and coaches are ALL IN and committed to the process
RESILIENCY - both players and coaches possess a“never give up” attitude and a relentless work ethic to learn, prepare and compete
ENTHUSIASM - players and coaches develop a love for the game in a FUN environment


During the stages of development in the FUN-Damentals, Train to Play and Play to Compete, players will follow 10 levels of our player pathway. Players will work towards earning skill achievement pins in putting, around the green (chipping, pitching, sand), full swing, knowledge and scoring at each level. Through this curriculum, players always have a plan for improvement while experiencing success early on to increase motivation. Level 1 enrollment is for ages 6-9.

Stay Tuned for More Information for the 2023 season.



Large focus on movement skills for play focused on fun and developmentally appropriate activities. Geared towards the new and inexperienced player to create a foundation of fundamentals and movement patterns which will benefit them later in the development process. Introduced to play on the course in a fun environment.

Follows the USKG Player Pathway Levels 1-3

Commitment Level: Low

Recommended Completion: Age 11


Large focus on learning the necessary golf skills to play your own ball on the golf course. Also, further development on all functional movement, stability and strength. Geared towards junior golfers wanting to learn the skills needed to play on the golf course.

Follows the USKG Player Pathway Levels 4-5

Commitment Level: Low/medium

Recommended Completion: Age 14


This phase is designed to keep building the interest and passion for the game for the junior who prefers to play recreationally, potentially competitively and on their high school team. The player has already proven they can shoot below 50 on 9 holes. Focus also includes improving players process so they are better able to adapt to the variety of conditions on the golf course. Players are divided into High School and Middle School groups.

Follows the USKG Player Pathway Levels 6-10

Introduction to the Core Four - Game Evaluation Metrics

Developing a process for on course strategy

Individualized swing analysis

Practice Design

Commitment Level: Medium


Designed for the young golfer who has already demonstrated the ability to score in a tournament environment. Ages 8-13. In this level golfers learn to perform under a variety of conditions during training encouraging the athlete’s competitive spirit. We begin to introduce stat tracking and on course performance. During this phase it is important to maximize growth spurts with additional attention to speed/stamina, mobility and strength. The program is designed for players who want to potentially play collegiate golf or a high level junior player. Players have made a decision to specialize in golf and have maintained a 9 hole tournament scoring average of 44. Scores considered for Spring 2023 will be from Fall 2022.

Full Golf, Physical and Mental Skill Evaluation and Development

Introduction to the Core Four - Game Evaluation Metrics

Individualized Swing Analysis

Practice Design

Tournament Preparation

Commitment Level: Medium/high


Begin to spend more time on skill maintenance and on course tactics. Develops more advanced skills needed to perform at a high level and prepare for events. Also, includes customized monthly practice plans based on performance. Must be at least 13 years old and actively competing in multi-day events recognized by Junior Golf Scoreboard. Geared towards the high level junior golfer who is serious about wanting to play golf collegiately. Learned to prepare for events like a professional from the weeks leading up to the event along with the day of. To be considered for this group, a player must have a scoring differential on Junior Golf Scoreboard of 12.0 or better.

Advanced Stat Tracking and Goal Getting

Full Golf, Physical and Mental Skill Evaluation and Development

Proven System to Game Plan for Tournaments

Practice Design

College Recruiting Planning

Commitment Level: High