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9-HOLE Spring FLEX(IBLE) LEAGUE (3/25-6/3)

Are you looking to join a league but are unable to commit to the weekly set-dates of a traditional league? Our Flex League is perfect for you! With a one-time required registration fee, you can book a bay whenever you are free and get your weekly round in. Weekly participation is not mandatory, however we do encourage you to play for a chance to win prizes and get ready for the start of the spring season!

  • Single player, open to adults of all skill levels
  • Players grouped into divisions by Trackman handicap
  • Adjusted tee boxes for male, female, senior (55+) and (65+)
  • Golf course locations and play format are determined each week (experience playing at 5 golf courses around the world)
  • In-round competitions include Long Drive and Closest to the Pin as well as weekly gross/net prizes!
  • Live leaderboard/weekly results visible in your Trackman mobile app
  • Rules are as below:
    • 2 weeks to play per round (can play rounds in advance; can't make up missed rounds)
    • Trackman Handicap required (for net prizes)
    • Fixed Auto-Putt
    • Registration closes: April 7, 2024
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How Does this League Work?

Just because it’s winter, you do not need to put the clubs away! Join one of our leagues and keep your game in tip-top competitive condition. Our Indoor Leagues are held at Edge Golf Performance and utilize our Trackmans - the most accurate launch monitors trusted by top PGA Tour professional golfers. Results and standings will be posted in the Trackman mobile app and is accessible to all participants on your mobile devices.

What if I’ve Never Played Indoor Golf?

Thinking about joining one of our leagues but have no experience with indoor golf? We are more than happy to assist with any questions you may have! While many golfers tend to adapt fairly quickly to the indoor golf environment, we do recommend you come give us a visit a few times prior to the season to get accustomed to our technology and resources.

The game of golf has never been more within your control than now. Trackman technology allows you to take control of your game at the tips of your fingers. Using the mouse, you determine your aim, locate hazards, and view the entire hole from a bird's eye view. Trackman Caddy shows you how much power and spin you have on a chip or pitch shot, meaning your usual club from 150 yards might not be enough from the rough. While this may take some time to get used to, learning your yardages will improve your outdoor game as you develop the touch and feel for your swing from specific distances and lies. Once on the green, Trackman auto-putt will take over and finish the hole for you!  


If you are looking to start a league with friends or co-workers or hold a one-time company event, we are ready to assist! Just provide us with details (number of golfers, how many weeks, dates & times, etc) and we will take care of the rest. To schedule your event, contact Steven Park at SPark@EdgeGolfPerformance.com